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PDA’s (better known as Parental Displays of Affection) in the yearbook have long been a source of pride for parents and students as well as a source of income for yearbook staffs and their schools. After all, what’s not to love?

Yearbook advisers can tell you. Putting together a yearbook is a year-long process. It can be a tireless and thankless job. Coordinating an organized and good looking senior ad section is a pressure most yearbook advisers and staffs face on top of their already difficult job of producing an accurate, comprehensive, story-telling record of the entire year. Besides just the creation of often what can be pages and pages of personal ads, there is the organization, the recordkeeping and often overwhelming amounts of parental contact that can keep staffs from focusing on the “meat” of their yearbook, and can make it difficult for advisers to manage a yearbook along with full-time teaching responsibilities. And let’s not forget about the deadlines. THE YEARBOOK COMPANY understands these issues and offers services to assist advisers and their staffs in meeting their deadlines, having more time to focus on other areas of their yearbooks, and meeting the financial responsibilities of producing a yearbook.

Yearbook advisers: Have you ever thought…

Wouldn't it be great if




         could do all of your student ads?


Well, yearbook advisers, you are in luck! Here's how the program works:


-You meet with your representative at the beginning of the school year to set up your program and create the forms that will be sent to your parents.


-The school orders mailing labels for all its students, the yearbook staff makes copies all of the forms, stuffs the envelopes and mails them to parents. (The Yearbook Company can also take care of this part for you.)


-Parents send all of their forms and payment directly to The Yearbook Company and all parent correspondence is directed to The Yearbook Company. The Yearbook Company deals with all returned checks.


-The Yearbook Company scans all of the photos and creates all of the ad pages for your school and sends them directly to your yearbook plant or if you are creating your yearbook online, posts them in your book online.


-You will be sent proofs on every page of ads and be able to contact us should you have changes, questions, or concerns.


-The Yearbook Company provides you with records of every ad that was purchased, who purchased it, what page it appears on in the book and how much was paid for each ad.


-In the spring, The Yearbook Company sends your ad revenue directly to your school or credits it straight to your account with your publisher.

-The Yearbook Company mails the parents back all of their original materials, if applicable.



If this sounds like something that you think could make your life easier and your yearbook better, please let us know how we can customize a plan to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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