Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop off my materials at the school?
No. The ads are not processed at the school, therefore, you must mail them to THE YEARBOOK COMPANY or submit them via this website.

Must I submit all my ad materials at the time of payment?
Yes. The price of the ad and the time the ad itself is submitted for printing are interrelated. We need all your materials so that we can make your ad and get it into production.

Do my photos have to be the same size as the template?
No. We are able to enlarge and/or reduce photos. Vertical photos work best, but we can also zoom in on portions of photos and crop if needed. There are minimum requirements for pixels (see each format) so that we can ensure your images are not pixelated in the final product.

Will my ad be the same size as the template?
This depends on the size of each individual school's yearbook. Generally if it is a high school yearbook, the sample ad is about 80% to 90% of the size that the ad will be in the yearbook. If it is a middle school yearbook, then the size is about the same.

Do I have to have the exact amount of words specified on the sample template?

No. The amount given is a suggested amount to coincide with the size of the ad and what would be legible. The word count is an approximation based on the allowed character count for any given ad. You will probably end up with a few words more or less depending which words you use. For example, (Congratulations son!) 2 words/20 characters (We are proud of you.) 5 words/20 characters. So the same number of characters produced a different number of words, and the character count ultimately decides the length of your message.

How can I indicate which photo I want to go where?
When you upload your photos use the browse button that has the same number as the photo box number on the example shown online, you will be uploading your photos to correspond with the positions in which you would prefer they be placed.

Do I have to type my text if I am submitting by mail?
We try our best to ensure accuracy in the reproduction of messages, therefore submitting typed text is the best way to help us. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any text that is handwritten, due to variations in handwriting size and style and human error, and especially if the message is not in English. If you would like to submit your text on disk, you may certainly do so. Also, please do not type in all caps.

Will my ad be in color or in black and white?
All ads are in full color.

Must I choose from one of the pre-designed ad formats that my school offers?
Yes. Due to the quantity of ads received, we cannot customize each one. If you prefer a more personalized memory for your student, you may create a CUSTOM ad and submit camera-ready art.

What does (camera-ready) or (custom) mean?
Camera-ready means that the ad is done/created exactly as it is to be seen in the book, with photos pasted down and text in place, whether it be in a hard-copy i.e. scrapbook style or digitally created. There is no limit to what you can do with a custom ad, so long as the ad itself fits within the specifications given on the order form. Camera-ready ads will be scanned in exactly as they are submitted and therefore must be submitted to size. A Camera-ready digital submission refers to a .jpg file that is complete and has been created to actual size with a minimum of 300 dpi.

Is there a discount for custom ads?
Unfortunately, no. The fee you are paying to submit your dedication is for the actual ad space, not for the creation of the ad, much like putting an advertisement in the newspaper, phone book or on television.

Can I submit my ad or photos on disk (digitally)?
If you so desire, you may submit an electronic file(s) through our website with only the following specifications: photos or complete ads may be submitted as actual size jpg files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Anything less than this resolution is not suitable for yearbook printing. (Please note that Photoshop defaults at only 72 DPI so you must set the resolution prior to creating the ad/scanning. Resampled files tend to be very fuzzy and do not print well.)  We are unable to accept any digital files done in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, or any other desktop publishing-type program (unless it is submitted as a custom ad and printed out on photo paper, see above). If you prefer to pay by check and send in your art by mail, that is fine: CD's or DVD’s are acceptable but we cannot accept files via regular email. 

Where does the money I am paying for this ad go?
Revenue from student and business ads goes to the school and the yearbook program. Generally, the yearbook is self-supporting and most yearbook staffs rely on this income and parent support to keep the cost of the yearbook down. Often they pay for color in the book and/or other upgrades to the book and cover while other times it is used for technology and education.

If the yearbook doesn't come out until the end of the school year, why must my ad be submitted so early?  And why do the prices increase each deadline?
The yearbook is generally created beginning in October and finished in a matter of 5 months. As time elapses and pages are submitted to the publisher, the actual price of each page in the book increases month by month. In order to keep the cost of the yearbook down and ad prices low, schools try to sell and submit their ads as early as possible to fill their earliest deadlines.

Why can't I choose from more fonts?
Because fonts are owned and often the school, the customer and the publisher do not always own the same fonts, we can only offer the fonts shown on your order form. Some schools do not offer font options because they opt to select their own ad fonts so that their ad section flows visually with the look and feel of the rest of their yearbook.

Can I send copies of my photos instead of originals?
Definitely. As long as your copies are professionally printed and/or very good-quality, copies generally work just as well as originals. But please use your best judgment when looking at your copies. If a photo or copy is blurry or pixelated, it will remain so in the yearbook. Color copies on regular paper or printouts from home inkjet printers do not reproduce well and sometimes very faint lines or grain from home printers can be intensified in the actual yearbook’s printing.

Can I include my child's middle name or initial in his/her ad if I am submitting online?
Yes, in the Student's first name box just type both names or the first name followed by the middle initial.

Will I receive my photos back?
Yes, but only if you have enclosed a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We are able to sort and send back all materials once all the schools’ yearbooks have been distributed. The whole process takes us a few months, as there are many schools/ads to sort and package up, but you can expect to have them returned to you by the end of September following the receipt of the yearbook.

Will I receive a confirmation upon the receipt of my order?
If you have submitted your photos, message and payment (or custom artwork) via our website, you will receive a confirmation email instantaneously. (If you do not, please check your junk email folder.) But for mailed-in submissions, due to the volume of ads received, we are unable to contact each purchaser individually. Please consider your cancelled check your receipt. But you can always contact us on the web at www.theyearbookcompany.com or call our office and we can check to make certain it was received.

Will I see a proof of my ad?
Unfortunately, no. Only the yearbook staff will get to see the ads before they are finalized. They receive and make all proof changes.

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