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Dear Parents and Friends,

During the following ordering protocol, the purchaser will be uploading photos for his/her ad with the numbers corresponding to the boxes in which the purchaser wishes them to appear. Please note, however, that on rare occasions, the yearbook company might need to adjust positioning at our discretion per what would look and work best.  Please also be aware that your school’s ad styles (and the fonts and colors used) are subject to change from year to year in keeping with the unique design and feel of each year's book.  (This does not apply to “custom” ads.  We will make no changes to “custom” ads, nor will we be adding any names or verbiage.)

We also reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate material (either in a photo or message or any portion of a “custom” ad) without prior notification. This includes but is not limited to photos containing nudity (even baby bottoms), alcohol, firearms, inappropriate hand gestures/attire or any other suggestive postures or language not suitable for printing in a school publication.  

Photographic and digital images are subject to copyright law. In compliance with federal copyright law, we cannot reproduce a copyrighted photograph unless you have been granted permission by the photographer.  By uploading photos for my ad order, I acknowledge that I own the copyright to the images being submitted or that I have obtained the necessary permissions of the copyright owner.  

Yearbook ad sales are a fund-raiser for your child's school and are non-refundable.  The school and their yearbook program thank you for your support!





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